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Russian and FSU languages. Translation and Interpreting services

Textual translations

Whether your requirement is business or personal, we ensure that all work is dealt with efficiently and accurately. We understand the importance of foreign language sales materials and documentation, and will only employ mother tongue specialists in your area of work.No job is considered too big or small, so should you have 2 paragraphs or 1,000 pages, please feel free to contact us for a guide on pricing and turnaround.

We do not issue price lists or quote on unseen material, and as we offer a competitive service we are open to negotiation. Price is definitely reflective of quality in our industry, and although sometimes our quote will be more competitive than others, and sometimes not, you can rest assured that you are getting the very highest quality service from us - we can guarantee it.In order to provide this guarantee of high standards of service, our linguists only translate into their own mother tongue, and all work is proof-read and thoroughly checked by a second translator at no extra cost to yourselves!We operate by using a vast database of national and international linguists, and as a result of this we are not afraid to say 'no' to those without the necessary experience and qualifications. We do operate a minimum charge and pricing is worked out pro rata per 1000 words, ie; we don't round up the numbers, so that you only pay for the words that you have had translated and no more.

Interpreting for conferences, exhibitions, meetings and seminars

Many corporations have requirements for large scale exhibitions or conferences for which we can provide not only all of the professional interpreters but also all necessary personnel that you require. The interpreters are experts within their chosen industry and are therefore familiar with your market and terminology. Their aim will be to provide effective, clear communication between yourselves, your customers and overseas contacts. We are able to provide interpreters at all venues in the UK.

Russian language personnel, secretarial/administrative support

We can provide you with the appropriate person to help translate/interpret all types of business correspondence, including presentations from and into Russian language or any FSU languages.Whether you require skilled staff for an afternoon or long term assignments, we have experienced linguists with administration/secretarial backgrounds.

Escorting clients, tourists and personal shoppers

Many clients and their families need to be escorted upon arrival in the U.K, and we can provide interpreters to accompany them on various occasions. Some people visit London to meet with specialists at Harley Street, and need help understanding what is happening at hospital. Others may wish to shop at the Harrods Sale with their families, or simply be escorted to their destination from the airport. Business clients often require an escort for a busy day visiting the bank, their lawyer, the accountant and take in a West End show in the evening before flying home. A member of our team will accompany the client courteously and professionally.

Licensed tour guides and sightseeing services

The U.K. is a source of numerous attractions for foreign visitors who wish to explore the diverse history and culture that our country represents. One way in which this is possible is with the help of an experienced, mother tongue, 'Blue Badge' licensed tour guide. We can provide various sightseeing trips, accompanied by the appropriate linguist for individuals and groups.

General interpreting

For an informal airport business meeting, a three way conference call, or even for your wedding abroad, we can provide an experienced, qualified linguist to assist you.

Language tuition

You may wish to learn a few phrases for an exotic holiday, brush up on rusty and long forgotten language skills, or participate in a language business course. Perhaps you are launching a product into a foreign market and need to ensure that your sales team can communicate effectively with your new customers? Whatever your requirement we can provide language tuition for you, either as an individual, a family or a large corporate group.

Typesetting and printingNot only can we translate the files that you send us, or compile the reports from a European survey for you, but we can also complete your project by typesetting and printing copies of your translated work.


Proofreading of our own work by a second translator is part of the high quality service that we provide, hence, we have the necessary experience to proof read your own work. Perhaps you have written a 'love letter' to someone abroad in their own tongue, and just wish to have it checked for any 'faux pas'! As many companies choose to use their own internal staff to do translation of company documents and marketing materials in a vain effort to save time and money, it is often the outcome that the translated results are less than perfect. We therefore offer a full proofreading service by our mother tongue translators to ensure that your final document has the professionalism that you need. Proof reading is charged at a very competitive hourly rate, so contact us for a quote.

Telephone interviewing

Commercial clients have diverse requirements for foreign language skills. Many wish to conduct large scale European market research projects, and so they come to us. We can find the telephone staff who will conduct your survey in their mother tongue to any country, compile the results, and translate them back into your chosen language. Perhaps you are looking to establish a new branch of your company in a new country? Would it be useful to have someone with excellent language skills assisting you on the telephone setting up new offices and finding out about the competition? Private individuals may wish to use this service to speak to Foreign Offices, passport control, or simply reach their families who are abroad.

Web Site Translation

Now we are also offering a completely new web site translation service. The Internet is an international medium and as so many companies wish to reach all of their customers, in their own language via the company web site. We can take the web site directly from your server, translate it into Russian, and hand it back to you. From now on you web presence will be available in Russian.

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