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Interpreting services

Interpreting services from Russian London LtdInterpreting Service

  • Face-to-face interpreting· Telephone interpreting is available on request
  • Simultaneous Interpreting, conference and seminar levels
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Escort Interpreting, and tour guide interpreting
  • Court Interpreting

We provide only the most qualified interpreters for your interpreting needs. Business Meetings, conferences and more can be handled easily and quickly either at your location or via phone from our office. Tell us about the kind of work you need done, and we'll respond with a cost quote.

Language reviewing

We can also provide text and document reviews of documents that have been translated into Russian or Ukrainian. Contact us with the details of the two languages involved and the approximate volume of mail to translate and we will have our interpreter contact you to discuss the details of the service.

Let us use the power of our extensive network of translators and interpreters to find an expert for you who understands not just your language, but your industry. We service business, legal, government, technical, entertainment, individual clients and more.

Voice-Overs and Subtitling

Whether you need a commercial video subtitled to get your company's message across or have a video, documentary of feature film you wish to make accessible to English or Russian -speaking audiences, we can help you by providing professional subtitles or translating your narration and offering voiceover talents.

Our professional voice-over talent is available for short- and long-term assignments


  • The assessment of your agency's language needs
  • The processes and procedures necessary to meet these needs
  • Promotion of your services or products within the culturally and linguistically diverse speaking communities
  • The utilisation of ethnic media
  • The preparation of material for translations
  • Designing data collection
  • Training needs

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