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Which languages do you translate from/into?

We focus only on the Former USSR languages: Russian, Ukrainian, etc. Full list of languages is available hereHowever, other languages are available upon request feel free to inquire about any other particular translation needs.

I am a personal client - can you help me?

Yes. We provide quality services for all clients, business and private

Will we have to sign a contract or an agreement?

Yes. You will have to sign a short agreement that specifies the terms and conditions of our arrangement, including payment details.

How can I request a quotation?

Telephone: 0207629 7707Email:

Do you have any terms and conditions?

Yes we have. Please click here

How do I pay?

You can pay with credit cards for the use of the service. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Solo, JSB. Russian London Ltd uses a secure online payment method that ensures your privacy. Quarterly, half-yearly and annual payments can be arranged.All cheques are payable to Russian London LtdSend a cheque/PO/Money order/Travel cheques to: Russian London LtdWe can send you an invoice from Russian London Ltd prior to your payment.

I still have more questions. What shall I do?

Please contact us:Telephone: 0207 629 7707


Do you charge for quotations?

Never. Quotations are always free.Your can request a quotation online

Translations Enquiries

What are your rates for translation?

We charge on a per word basis, which is normal practice in our industry, to reflect the work actually done by the translator.

How will I know that the translation I will receive will be high quality?

We aim to provide high quality translations at all times. We will never take on a translation that exceeds our capabilities – in such instances we will suggest other experienced and accredited professionals. We make every effort to ensure that translations are accurate and carefully checked before dispatch and that specified instructions are followed.To ensure the highest quality, all translations are reviewed by an editor and a proofreader or an expert in the subject.

Will my documents remain confidential?

All documents are treated with the highest degree of confidentiality. Every document we send out to a translator is accompanied by a work agreement stipulating confidentiality. When requested, we are happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

How should I send you the document to be translated?

It's easier and faster if documents are provided by electronic mail as attachments, in a standard program such as Microsoft Word. However, we can also manage with documents submitted by courier or fax. Note that an additional fee will be charged

By what methods can you receive and deliver documents?

We can receive hard copy documents by fax, mail, courier, or overnight service. We can receive electronic documents by e-mail, internet or on a variety of removable media, including CDR or floppy disk. Although we prefer PC-compatible files and disks.We can deliver translations by any of these same methods. We are always happy to provide an electronic version of your translation.

What if I need urgent translation?

RUSH SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE! We do charge a slightly higher rate for work done on a rush basis. That rate is determined on a per project basis.Note: RUSH SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE! Please let us know if you have a tight deadline.

I'd like to translate my website into English. Do you do this kind of job?

Yes. Russian London also translates web pages

Interpreting Enquiries

What is the difference between interpreting and translating?

Generally, the term 'interpreting' refers to the action of transferring the spoken word from one language (also called the source language) into another language (the target language), whereas 'translating' describes the equivalent activity for written information.What is the difference between consecutive interpretation and simultaneous?Consecutive interpretation requires the speaker to stop after a few sentences and let the interpreter interpret the speaker's statement. In simultaneous interpretation the interpreter, who uses interpreting equipment and works with another interpreter in a soundproof booth, listens to the speaker's speech in one language and simultaneously converts it into another language, without waiting for the speaker to finish his or her statement. Simultaneous interpreting is used for high-level conferences, while consecutive interpreting is used for client meetings and depositions.

What are you rates for interpretation?

Please contact us:Telephone: 0207629 7707


Software and Website Localization

What is Localization?

Localization is the process of translating a website or software interface and adapting it to the needs and expectations of another culture.Companies localize software in order to overcome cultural barriers for their products to reach a much larger target audience.Software Localization is the modification of a product to include support for the cultural norms of a target country, including the specific language required in that country.

What are you rates for Localization?

Prices for translation and localization projects depend on a number of factors:

  • Language combination
  • Volume
  • Difficulty level
  • Target group
  • File formats of source and target texts
  • Number, complexity and format of graphics, tables and other formatting
  • Quality of source text formatting
  • Necessary technology (e.g. Translation Memory)
  • Project management needs
  • Amount of software engineering and testing (localization projects only)
  • Special requests
  • Additional services, such as:

- Pre-translation services: source text editing or technical writing

-Post-translation services: layout, DTP and print

We look forward to quoting a price for your specific project

Please contact us:

Telephone: 0207 629 7707


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